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Special Thanks

May 1, 2022

Special Thanks

A very special shout out to the Organiser Mick Whitehead for his time and own cost in the preparation and mapping out of new tracks to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

A big thank you to Paul Tabbiner who took time out to head to Victoria with Mick to map out tracks prior to the trip.

A massive thanks goes out to the Group Leaders, Mick DeGraff, Paul Tabbiner, Mark Emelhain, Nevin Holland and Shaun O’Sullivan, it would not have been as amazing without you all!

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the people that return year after year to do the trip with Drive4Life, you are family! 

We make a special note to the newbies who joined us on this trip, you also made it what it was, which is nothing short of incredible, hope to see you all again!

Mark Emelhain who continues to design his own Drive4Life shirts every year, that is true dedication to the cause – you rock!

Thank you Parks Victoria for a stunning back drop to soak in….Oh and the weather, absolutely beautiful!

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