Victorian High Country 14-19th April 24

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About Drive 4 Life Tours

Drive4Life is a non-profit organisation set up by a group of long term 4-wheel drive mates.

The idea started with inspiration from a struggling disabled child that had an old run-down wheelchair, due to financial circumstances, it then turned into a group of avid 4-wheel driving mates helping put the fundraiser into action.

It took 2 years of dedicated time, cost and preparation in putting together how the trip would operate from mapping out destinations and sights, to later personally navigating the tracks for the tour.

All organising and running cost of the tours were and continue to be borne by the Drive4 Life Tour Organisers.

We now look back over the past 16 years of operation, having commenced the first tour in 2016, with admiration of how we are continuing with funding for the much-needed support we afforded our charity, and all the wonderful people who have taken part, and continue to do so, so far that make it possible and so special.

Each trip is started by planning out on a map, and then a reconnaissance is conducted to map out the actual routes, places, accommodation and sights that will be travelled and visited, so there are no problems prior to departing.

Over the past 16 years Drive4Life has dedicated all funds raised to an organisation called Northcott, who provide essential services to individuals, families and carers of disabled children.

Northcott was established as the NSW Society for crippled children in 1929 by the Rotary Club of Sydney in response to the growing number of children left with the effects of illnesses such as polio and tuberculosis.

Whilst Northcott, a very worthy cause, we now however wish to extend our charitable donations to other organisations who also considerably require funding. You will find the new charities under the charities tab.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the participants, past and present, that have made the trip and continue to do so for the past 16 years, they are the true hero’s!

Our objective is to raise much needed funds to charities that are truly close to home for many.

Mick Whitehead
Drive4Life - Director

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