Iconic Corner Country Pubs tour starts on 12th September 22

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Guided 4-Wheel Drive Tours with a cause
By conducting “tag-along” 4-Wheel Drive tours of parts of Australia that are generally not on the travel “shopping list” of people who own 4-Wheel Drives.

The tours are aimed at people who have either not had the opportunity to be expertly guided when driving off-road or who do not have the experience to navigate in areas where Drive4Life will take them.


Iconic Corner Country Pubs on the Great Desert Tracks


Easy - Medium


12/9/22 - 19/9/22

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Broken Hill (driving the edge of the Flinders Ranges), Blinman, Parachina Gorge, Maree, Mungereanie (driving the Birdsville Track), Birdsville, Cordilla Downs, Camerons Corner, Innaminka, Coopers Creek, Milparinka (driving the Dog Fence Track), Tibooburra, Packsaddle Roadhouse, finishing up at Silverton Pub.


We urge you to make your own accommodation booking if you plan to stay in Broken Hill before and after the trip as soon as you forward your donation deposit. This is really to ensure that you don’t miss out. We have not provided an accommodation list for this tour but suggest that you Google “Broken Hill Accommodation” where you will see the options (You may also be required to pay a small camping fee along the way).


Food, drinks, camping apparel, warm clothing/sleeping gear for night (although you may get hot weather throughout the day, it gets very chilly at nights).


Broken Hill @ 3:30pm on 11/9/22 (an update on location for orientation will be provided through your final correspondence upon confirming your place on the trip)

Don't forget your Cameras...

What will it be like
Support wherever required.
We will be able to stop and take photos along the way
There will be morning tea and lunch stops each day.
We will visit historical sights and heritage listed places.
We will have fun campfires each night.
You will meet a diverse group of likeminded people.
It will be a great insight to outback Australia
There will be stories galore with unlimited fun, lots of laughter and so much more.
Is my vehicle suitable and do I need any experience
The tour is open to four-wheel drive which have dual range transmissions. The tour will be conducted on bush tracks and both bitumen and gravel roads. Some of the gravel roads will be corrugated.
Provided that your vehicle has a minimum of "all-terrain" tyres it will be quite capable of handling the tracks you will encounter.
As far as experience is concerned, it is not necessary. However, you will need to ensure the convoy procedure is followed which will be explained at orientation.
The Group Leaders will maintain a speed which will allow timely arrival at the next destination whilst taking into consideration road/track conditions.
Some of the tracks are very dusty, to this end, another mandatory requirement is a fitted, 5-watt UHF radio with external aerial as there will be quite long separation between vehicles on occasions.
We recommend a service of your vehicle before the trip !
Can i bring my trailer
Yes, provided its a GENUINE off-road trailer.

Must have items you will need

NOTE: All items both inside and outside of the vehicle including items stored on the roof rack MUST be securely tied down.
UHF 2 way radio for communication between vehicles so that you can be advised (and advise) of everything from potential hazards to items of interest that may not be immediately obvious. The radio must be fitted and have 5 watts of power and have an external aerial. We have found on previous dusty and mountainous trips that small 1 or 2 watt radios and even some handheld 5 watters without an external aerial do not have enough “grunt” to handle the distance between vehicles.
First Aid Kit: Again, you don’t need something expensive. Most 4WD shops (see below) stock good, reasonably priced kits.
“ALL-TERRAIN” type tyres as a minimum.
20 litres of water for each person in a vehicle. You can either carry one 20 L can, two 10 L cans or four 5 L cans. The smaller containers are easier to pack – use plastic containers not metal.
Snatch Strap – used to pull a vehicle out of or over a section of track where traction is difficult. The people at the 4WD store will explain the operating principle of a snatch strap.
“D” or Bow shackles are used to attach the snatch strap to the vehicle. You need TWO and they must be rated at least 3.25 tonnes. You can tell if they are rated by the pins being painted and by the rated tonnage cast on the side of the shackle itself.
Recovery points front and rear are the points where you attach the snatch strap or winch cable. Do not rely on the shipping “tie-down” loops fitted to most new 4WD’s. Your 4WD shop will advise on suitability of existing points. After-market recovery points are not expensive and should be fitted by a reputable 4WD shop.
A full vehicle check (and service) - having told the servicing company that you are going on long road trip to the Outback.

Recommended items to include

Cargo Barrier – Recommended to be fitted to “station wagon” type vehicles as this prevents loose items in the back from flying forward under emergency braking situations.
Fire Extinguisher - a small 1 Kg unit– available from good 4WD shops.
It is suggested that you keep any used spare drive belts for fan/alternator/power steer/air-con after a service.
Spare radiator hoses (top and bottom).
Tyre Pressure Gauge – you will be lowering your tyre pressures when you go off-road.
12 Volt Electric Tyre Pump (Compressor) – if you already have one, bring it along. But don’t go out and buy one – especially not a cheap one.
If you must use a roof rack, keep the weight below 75 kilos. 
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