Victorian High Country 14-19th April 24

drive 4 life
WE'VE RAISED $976,100 +


Firstly, thank you for showing an interest in participating in this 4WD trip which has the objective again, of raising funds to much needed charities. We are very proud to advise that we have been privileged enough to have raised over $966,100 to date, since the launch of Drive4Life in 2006.

These funds are used to fund important services that are crucial in advancing cures and living standards for some life-threatening diseases and circumstances.

Previously, Drive4Life has solely committed our Fundraiser from 2006 to 2022 to Northcott who has provided services to people with disabilities, their families, and carers for over 90 years. While, a very worthy organisation, who will remain on our register, we are now however extending the interest by supporting additional charities, that are very close to home for many participants, family and friends, that have previously supported Drive4Life.

The subsequent charities that we now also wish to support are:
Every participating vehicle is asked to donate $1,000 direct to their charity of choice, this also includes the Organisers, Group Leaders, and all Support Vehicles. (The amount per vehicle remains the same whether you have 1 or 4 passengers in the car). All you need to do is click on the charities link under the “Charities” Tab and follow their donation form. You may split the amount between charities if you wish but must total $1,000.

If you decide that you would like to participate, please complete the Booking Form and Terms and Conditions on the “booking form tab” of the website and submit electronically.

To confirm your place on the tour we ask that you initially submit a deposit donation of $200 at which stage we will send you further information about the trip itself. (Please ensure that you send through proof of payment to once the donation has been submitted as confirmation).

Once your booking is confirmed, we request the balance of your donation of $800 to be paid prior to 2 weeks prior to the tour start date, when you have deposited the outstanding donation amount of $800, please email the deposit slip as proof of payment to informing the Drive4Life Team of the deposit details and your place on the trip will be secured.

We are proud that every cent you donate is going directly to the charity of choice and note this is TAX DEDUCTABLE. All organising, administration and running costs of managing these trips are borne by the Sponsors and the Organisers.
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