Iconic Corner Country Pubs tour starts on 12th September 22

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About the Tours

Buckle up, you are in for a fun filled exciting adventure, guaranteed!

We will look after you from start to finish, providing you with a unique Australian 4WD guided experience to destinations that you might not have considered visiting without a group.

No experience necessary, all our Group Leaders and Tail-ends are highly experienced and will support you along the way, if you are testing a new 4WD and/or less experienced you will receive guidance on how and when to use your 4WD functions at every point getting the most out of your 4-Wheel Drive capabilities.

Our trips are personalised with each group, to destinations no matter where we are travelling in Australia.

There will be a lot of comraderies along the way as you travel through from one destination to another, which can ensure a laugh throughout the whole trip.

What we can offer is shared experiences around the campfire, the odd beverage, historical stories, singing, dancing, poem telling, trivia quiz, games and much much more.

Drive4Life offer a paid dinner for each participant at the conclusion of the Tour, and there is also free door prizes and give aways!

If you are up for an exciting, action-packed adventure, head to our Booking From to sign up in 3 easy steps.
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